Audio Breakouts

Visualization of Compression and Saturation


Using compression and saturation when mixing can either be amazing or you can get into trouble pretty quick. In this breakout, we’ll take a deep dive into these concepts through demonstrating analog compressors, saturation devices and broadcast metering with a wide variety of real-world audio sources. We will discuss the value of using highly accurate metering to see inside the actions of a compressor, and its effect on different audio sources.

Taught by: Shawn Sommer & Sators

Building a Broadcast Mix


Facebook Live. Youtube Live. Streaming to multiple sites. Many churches have entered into the world of broadcasting services, and along with that comes the need to have an audio mix that works for that medium. This breakout will look at some best practices on creating a broadcast mix without needing to double the size of your audio budget.

Taught by: Andrew Stone

Drums: Practical Tips for a Killer Drum Sound


Getting a great drum sound can be elusive, especially when there are so many other mix issues to consider. This breakout will look at the drum sound process from beginning to end. Drum tuning. Mic choices and placement. EQ. Compression. All of it!

Taught by: Nolan Rossi

Vocals: Building Vocally Driven Mixes without Sacrificing Energy


Words matter. Lyrics matter. As a result, the audio mix comes down to clarity and building your mix around the vocals. Instead of getting the band where you want it and then adding vocals on top, we will discuss starting with the vocal as the center of the mix and building on it from there.

Taught by: Andrew Starke

Developing Audio Volunteers


An excellent mix is a very subjective idea. What one person likes another person might not. So how do you train audio volunteers to know the gear and then to mix so that the congregation gets a consistent experience from week to week? Andrew Starke will talk about how they achieved a consistent mix with volunteers at Hillsong Church and then at North Point in Atlanta.

Taught by: Andrew Starke, Jeff Sandstrom

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