A Note from our Founder Todd Elliott

Hey FILO Community,

These are definitely strange times we’re living in. For many of us, our lives have been altered in a radical way by the Coronavirus. If you haven’t been streaming your services up till now, you’re figuring it out. Whatever your situation, we are all learning a new way of doing pretty much everything.

As a technical artist in the local church, our churches rely on you more than ever in this current reality. This virus doesn’t stop you from being the first in and the last out.

As we look towards the FILO Conference, we have been working diligently to come up with the right plan for the times. Given that the Center for Disease Control has recommended avoiding gatherings of 10 or more for the next 8 weeks, we have been evaluating the best next step for the FILO Conference and the safety of our community. So starting now, we are turning the FILO Conference into an exclusively online experience. While we still have a ton of details to work out, our goal is still the same “to help you become more effective so that our churches become more effective.”

What does this mean? 

  • The FILO Conference will be streamed live on May 19-20, following the normal FILO Conference Schedule. This will include our 4 main sessions as well as 5 featured breakout sessions taught live.  
  • We plan to pre-record all of our other breakout classes and broadcast them in real time during May 19-20. In other words, you’ll have access to all the same types of breakouts you have come to expect from FILO.
  • If you’ve purchased a ticket, all of this content will be made available to you on demand  after the conference for months to follow. This content is valued at over $500.
  • We are working with our sponsors to provide even more value to make this event one to remember.

Since being in community together is such a key component of the FILO conference, we will be looking for ways for us to connect via our website and our forthcoming FILO app.

While we may not be meeting in person, our plan is to create an experience that will be worth your time. Now more than ever we need to continue to develop ourselves to be the most effective version of ourselves we can be. If you haven’t signed up for FILO yet, you don’t want to miss out. The FILO Community needs to stick together now like never before.

If you’ve purchased a ticket, hang tight. When the details are solidified soon, we’ll be communicating the next steps for attending the FILO Conference virtually.

The FILO team is focused on making this event as successful and as enjoyable as possible for all of you who will be joining us. As there are more updates, we will be sure to send out the necessary communication. Stick close to our social media platforms and keep watching for emails.

Can’t wait to join with you in the event on May 19 & 20.

Todd Elliott, FILO Founder