Leadership Breakouts

How to Make Your Pastor, Spouse, Worship Leader Actually LIKE You!


Relationships are always important and for what we do, these three groups of people are the most important. Unfortunately they often suffer most from our choices. Let’s chat through some tangible ways to hold these relationships in a higher regard than our jobs and hobbies.

Taught by: Jeff Sandstrom, Lee Fields, Andrew Stone

Learning How to Communicate and Carry Vision to Church Leadership


Technical artists tend to have a different “language” than most other church staff. How do we communicate and cast our vision to leadership in ways that THEY can understand? Doing this can help you and your ministry be so much more effective in your church.

Taught by: Jeff Borris

Creating A Culture of Longevity on Your Team


Why is it that some teams thrive while others struggle? Or how is it that some go from “all in” to all out – not just out of our teams, but our church community? Having seen many scenarios play out on the spectrum of healthy to unhealthy, Andrew will lead us through why these are and how we can avoid the some of the pitfalls along the was as we set ourselves, and our teams for the long haul.

Taught by: Andrew Starke

Team Strategy: How to Clarify Where You are, Where You’re Headed, and How to Get There


Do you feel like you’re always running around putting out fires and not taking care of the important things that matter? Learn about and practice using a handful of strategic tools to help your team identify where you currently are, where you think God is leading you to, and how it is that you will get there.

Taught by: Aubrey Wentz

Finding Creatives and What to Do When You Get Them


How do you find creative people? Where are they? Once I find them, what do I do with them? How do I build a culture that fosters creativity and where creatives can thrive? This breakout will answer these questions and more!

Taught By: Sara Emerson