Leadership Breakouts

Long Term Planning with Short Term Flexibility


A lot of the time our lack of planning drives our financial needs. In this lab we will go over what it looks like to let your church and team values drive your financial goals and needs.

We’ll go over topics like:
– Cataloging equipment life expectancy
– Forecasting capital requests
– Designing systems for growth
– Letting values drive your purchasing over lack of planning

Taught by: Aaron Ruse, Daniel Scotti

Becoming a More Effective TD


Do you feel like you’re always running around putting out fires and not taking care of the important things that matter? Learn about and practice using a handful of strategic tools to help your team identify where you currently are, where you think God is leading you to, and how it is that you will get there.

Taught by: Chris Thomas

Ten Mistakes We SHOULDN’T Make as Tech Leaders


Want to learn what NOT to do as a Tech leader at your church? In this session we will learn leadership principles on leading your tech team but will also hear dumb taxes I paid developing a tech team so you don’t have to pay them yourself!


Taught by: Dennis Choy

Rockstar Volunteers: Recruit, Train, Retain


Most churches find themselves with weekly volunteer gaps on their teams and even when the team is fully staff there isn’t always a sense of ownership and “love for the job” that we might wish our volunteers had. In this class we will talk through some great ways of recruiting volunteers as well as how we can then develop them, empower them and impart ownership to them on our teams.

Taught by: Aubrey Wentz

Being Spiritually Fed While Working the Weekend


For many technical artists, our heads are not always centered around Jesus. We’re trying to make sure that church is happening for everyone else. We might be in church for 3 services a weekend, but we are far from being fed spiritually. So how do we work on the weekend and still feel like we are being fed spiritually? We’re going to talk about it.

Taught By: John Cassetto

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