Lighting Breakouts

The Fundamentals of Color Theory


Complimentary colors. Color temperature. Color mixing. The use of color is fundamental to how lighting is used in the setting of the local church and we will unpack some practical ways to use color in our services and cover important color properties of white light as well.

Taught by: Wendy Luedtke

Scenic Design Values


While we can find great ideas for scenic design online, what is the big idea behind each one? Why do certain things work and others don’t? We will look at scenic design values to help guide decisions on what to build and why.

Taught by: Jeff Abbott

Lighting For Live Video


With many churches projecting on large screens, broadcasting online, or simulcasting to multiple campuses, making the services look great for video is super important. It doesn’t matter how great your cameras are if you aren’t lighting what’s on the platform well. This class covers some of the most important basics that everyone must know, regardless of the size of your church!

Taught by: Daniel Connell

Lighting Programming Styles: Fully Programmed or Flexible


Busking? Wait, we are doing what song now?! For lighting designers, the balance between completely programmed and totally flexible can be a very fine line. When is the right time to go with the flow and when should we nail down exactly what’s going to happen? This breakout will look at how to plan for either or both, depending on each situation.

Taught by: Alex Fuller

LED Tape and Pixel Mapping


LED Tape. Everyone is using it, but how do I know how to use it well? There are so many different types of tape and tricks that people are using to make LED tape mappable in their lighting design. Let’s find out the best practices for using LED tape in your church!

Taught by: Jordan Monson, Nick Sheetz