Manufacturer Demo Breakouts

Great Lighting in Challenging Environments


Join Emmy award-winning cinematographer and Directors Guild of America Best Documentary Director award nominee Jody Eldred for an eye-opening session on “Great Lighting in Challenging Environments!” with Light and Motion’s remarkable Stella lights. Having just returned from a challenging missions-focused documentary shoot in equatorial Uganda with two renowned UFC fighters and a tribe of pygmies– with no electricity– learn how his team captured amazing, professional, emotionally-compelling images in some of the worst shooting conditions imaginable… and how you can do the same, no matter where you are– in church, in urban jungles, or actual jungles filled with threats of every kind! This session is for filmmakers and media creators at every level who want to up their game and ensure their visual storytelling hits the mark every time.

Taught by: Jody Eldred of Light & Motion

Operation of Multiple Wireless Systems


With the recent decrease in available spectrum and an increase in demand for wireless microphones, operating multi-channel wireless systems can be very challenging. This session will provide guidelines for a successful deployment of wireless microphones, wireless IEMs, and wireless communication systems with a focus on frequency coordination, available tools, and final testing procedures. Additional material will include a brief overview of intermodulation, digital vs analog systems, antenna distribution, and efficient troubleshooting techniques.

Taught by: James Allen of Shure

Responsible Rigging in Your Facility


Many churches contain questionable and potentially dangerous rigging installations or practices. Master rigger, Tracy Nunnally, will review best rigging practices, show examples of incorrect and dangerous rigging, and discuss the resources available for your facility. He will share tips and tricks for making rigging effects more accessible to productions in your facility. Be prepared to ask questions and get advice for your particular situation.

Taught by: Tracy Nunnally of Vertigo

Live Streaming for Microsites, Multisites, and Web Audiences

Room: B204/206

Of the estimated 5,000+ multisite churches in North America half deliver their sermons by way of video, and thousands more are turning to the internet as a doorway to reach the ends of the earth. In this session, Paul Martel, founder of Living As One, will share the details of how leading churches all over the world, like Eleation Church, Life.Church, and Newspring, are using video as part of their church strategy. Come to learn the ins and outs of how your church can connect multiple campuses and reach online audiences effectively through video.

Taught by: Paul Martel of Living As One

What I Wish I Had Known: What You Should Know Before You Tackle Your Next System Upgrade or Construction Project

Room: Amplio Lounge

Learn from a panel of church leaders as they share the insight they’ve gained through their recent building projects.

Taught by: Brian Turnbull of Amplio Systems

Improving the Impact of Church Buildings for Ministry


Designing spaces conducive for creating intimate and dynamic worship experiences starts with an understanding of how God created us to worship. Understanding God’s physical laws in delivering “The Message” gives us insight into how to have the maximum impact in each service.

This seminar will teach you how to use the latest technology and innovative techniques to create a worship friendly environment. We will be concentrating on delivery methods to enhance the worship experience. Whether planning for a new building or trying to solve problems in a 100-year-old sanctuary or a warehouse, this seminar is for you.

The Learning Objectives:
1. Analyze proven principles of design that inspire people.
2. Utilize architecture and design to create a Dynamic Worship Experience.
3. Assess the balance of function and aesthetics.
4. Identify 4 levels of technology design in Worship Spaces.

Taught by: Donnie Haulk of AE Global Media