Producing Breakouts

Creating a Memorable Guest Experience


From the moment we pull into the parking lot at our church, how can we make the best experience for every single guest that walks into our Church every weekend? This breakout will help show you some ways to improve the guest experience from the parking lot, to children’s check-in, to their seat in the auditorium.

Taught by: April Gregory, Kaleb Wilcox

One Size Does NOT Fit All – Defining Volunteer-Sized Roles For Your Team


We will explore practical ways to grow and sustain your volunteer team by creating roles that are volunteer-sized and volunteer-friendly. Empowering volunteers to consistently succeed and serve year after year and help foster team stability by avoiding needless volunteer burn-out.

Taught by: Wes Hartley

Excellence vs Development


When producing services for our churches, excellence and volunteer development can seem like opposite ends of the spectrum. This is a tension that will not go away, but it must be managed. This breakout will look at practical ways for the values of excellence and volunteer development to co-exist, so that our churches get better.

Taught by: Jeff Borris

Becoming a More Effective TD


Paperwork, proposals, meetings, scheduling volunteers, 1:1’s. How do I manage everything?! Every TD needs to understand some crucial organization skills that help them stay on track throughout the week, and use every hour of the week to its fullest capacity. If we hope to lead our teams it is also important to stay grounded in our relationship with Christ.

Taught by: Chris Thomas

Planning Center & Beyond: Things You Didn’t Know Planning Center Could Do


Planning Center does what?! Sure wish I would have known that earlier! PCO has so many tools that can be used to enhance your weekend experience, so let’s dive deep into the tools that Planning Center has and how it can benefit your church.

Taught by: Joy Bork