Sponsor Highlights

Why You Don’t Need a Streaming Provider (As Told by a Streaming Provider)


As the Church has globally gone online, the choices for where and how to stream are seemingly endless. You could choose a paid streaming provider, an ad-driven solution, or one of the free streaming options via social media. Does your choice of platform really make a difference? In this session, Stream Monkey, a pioneer in the live-streaming industry, will make the case for why you may not want to choose a paid provider…giving you a real, objective comparison of the pros and cons between the free options and paid streaming solutions.

Taught by: Nicholas Roselius from Stream Monkey

Church Streaming Roundtable: During & After Coronavirus


Recently, live streaming has taken on a new unique role of critical importance for churches around the globe. More than using it as an extension of their physical worship experience, churches have begun relying on it in order to maintain connection with their local community while also reaching new audiences not limited by geography. This breakout session, hosted by Paul Martel & Collin Jones, experts in live streaming from Living As One, will bring together church technical leaders from all backgrounds to discuss live streaming.

This session will include discussions with:
Robert Drayton – Production Director, Hillsong LA
Warren Davis – Broadcast Engineer, Life.Church
Ryan Scott – Lead Online Pastor, Seacoast
Jesse Maitland – Everything Video Production, Bethel Church
Alex Cvitanovic – Production / Technical Director, Church of the King
Caleb Loeppky – Production Director, The Chapel

Taught by: Paul Martel & Collin Jones from Living As One

Anatomy of an L-ISA Mix


L-Acoustics’ House of Worship specialist Josh Maichele will present two case studies utilizing the ground-breaking L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology. Josh will explain why L-ISA fits so flawlessly for houses of worship, followed by a conversation detailing his mix decisions in a live, L-ISA environment. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of what truly is “immersive”, the benefits for worship communities and a taste of how to mix using L-ISA technology.

Taught by: Josh Maichele from L-Acoustics

Churches That Stream Together; Stay Connected Together


In these unprecedented times, the church strives to deliver their message and stay connected to attendees. Some churches have been streaming for a while, but need to improve their production. Other churches find this a daunting task and need answers. Come join Panasonic and we will provide answers by giving an overview of our PTZ’s with streaming capabilities, a demo on the flexibility for control whether for a single or multiple site church and a demo of our streaming switcher (AV-HLC100) and the creative tools that are available. It will be informative and we’ll be prepared to answer your questions.

Taught by: Jim Jenson from Panasonic

The Sound of a Community: Ricki Cook & Hillsong


Ricki talks about how his career in sound brought him to Hillsong Church and what the future holds for the Church and its incredible global network. He’ll discuss the mentors that shaped the technician he’s become, and how Hillsong has allowed him to mentor up-and-coming technicians in the community. Ricki will also discuss his sound design philosophy and how he and Hillsong have translated that to their campuses in Australia and around the world. He’ll also offer some words of advice to organizations looking to plan their future sound systems.

Taught by: Ricki Cook from Hillsong Church
Sponsored by: Adamson Systems Engineering