Worship & Music Breakouts

A Musician’s Guide to the Audio Process


Maybe you’ve heard of the “5th member of the band”? The front of house audio engineer holds the final sound of the band in her/his hands. Robert Scovill (FOH for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Matchbox Twenty, Jackson Browne, Rush, Def Leppard, Prince and many others) will take a walk through the audio process for musicians. What is sound check? What should rehearsal look like? How do we get the best monitor mix? Audio engineers, bring your worship leaders. Band members, come learn about the intersection between music and technology with your tech person.

Taught by: Robert Scovill

Creating a Culture of Songwriting in Your Church


The worship team at Willow Creek will talk about the songwriting process they’ve been on over the last several years, and how it has affected how they work together. This breakout will have some practical tips for starting a songwriting culture at your church, as well as a time to ask questions and hear from Willow Creek’s worship team.

Taught by: Willow Worship Team // James Paek, Marshall Hall, Delwin Eiland, Matt Lundgren, Fatai Veamatahau, Aubrey Wentz, Tracy Stingley

Lost in Translation… When Your Band Doesn’t Speak Tech


This might come as a surprise to you, but the production team and the band don’t always care about the same things. This breakout will shed some light onto the technical process of pulling off services with Jeff Sandstrom and Matt Gilder, the band leader for Chris Tomlin. They will talk about how they figured out over the years how to work and create together.

Taught by: Matt Gilder, Jeff Sandstrom

Leading the Band: Being an MD and Music Producer


Being an MD is much more than just being a music director. You become the leader of where the band goes, and help the band understand how to read the room during worship. How can we lead the band when the worship leader jumps somewhere the band wasn’t expecting? Be prepared, so you can go anywhere in worship!

Taught by: Tracy Stingley

The Art of Building Healthy Teams and a Team Culture


Our teams exist to accomplish something…a worship set, a production, a special event. How can we create teams that have healthy interactions with one another while accomplishing our goal? We need all of us if it is going to work, so we will look at ways of creating a team culture that honors God and people along the way of getting stuff done.

Taught by: John Cassetto