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Episode 068: Sara Emmerson

Todd welcomes Sara back to talk about the importance of personal core values and how they impact your purpose. Show Notes: FILO Book: “I Love Jesus But I Hate Christmas” by Todd Elliott FILO Coaching: One-On-One Coaching, Service Evaluation, Team Development and Cohorts. Learn more and explore the opportunities at FILO.ORG/COACHING. Subscribe to the FILO Podcast: Never miss…

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Episode 067: Jake Cody

Todd finally has Jacob Cody on the podcast! What took so long?! From Jacob’s role at Bayside Church in Northern, CA, they talk about creating boundaries, building trust and eating good food with your team after a long day. Show Notes: Book: “Winning” by Jack Welsh Book: “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Victor Frankl Connect with…

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Episode 066: Nate Anderson, Resi

Todd sits down with Nate Anderson from Resi. They talk about the history of Resi, some of the secret sauce and where things are headed for church streaming. We are grateful for Resi’s support of this podcast episode. Visit to start a conversation today! Show Notes: Book: “Painting As A Pastime” by Winston Churchill…

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Episode 065: Chad Vegas

Todd and Chad Vegas sit down to talk about excellence in production, following God’s call in our lives and how many office moves he’s had at Transformation Church. Show Notes: FILO Coaching Cohort: So often as technical artists, it can be easy to forget to look after yourself. To help with that, FILO offers Virtual…

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Episode 064: Greg Atkinson

Greg Atkinson joins Todd on the FILO Podcast to talk about how to develop volunteers, how to engage people and the inside scoop on his life as a secret church shopper. Show Notes: Learn more about Greg: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Social Media Church Conference | First Impressions Conference FILO Book: Looking…

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Episode 063: Tony Fransen

Todd hangs out with Lighting Designer Tony Fransen. They talk about details, earning trust, lighting for the room vs. lighting for TV, and the mayhem that is traveling evangelistic revivals. Show Notes: FILO Coaching Cohorts: 2 Cohort Groups are starting soon! Join the Women’s Cohort, lead by Aubrey. Or the Cohort lead by Todd. Can’t…

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Episode 062: Chelsea Pribyl

Todd gets to hang out with Chelsea! As one of the original FILO Core Team members, Chelsea brings a deep love of process to help make FILO happen. They talk about the need to develop systems to help keep things on track, building relationships to build trust and how making cupcakes is a type a…

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Episode 061: Stephen Brewster

Stephen Brewster joins the FILO podcast to talk about developing a creative culture, showing honor to one another, and brainstorming with a “yes, and” mentality. Show Notes: Seth Godin’s Book: The Practice, Shipping Creative Work Jackie Brewster’s Enneagram Devotional: Hearing God Speak Contact Stephen Brewster: Text him at 615.492.2342. Follow him on Instagram @b_rewster. Listen to his…

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Episode 060: Brian Tabor, Worship Leader Probs

Todd sits down with Brian Tabor of Worship Leader Probs fame. They talk about how the Instagram account started and how it lead to launching a podcast. They talk about all the humor as well as the deep conversations that have resulted from people feeling seen and understood. Show Notes: FILO 2021 Chicago Conference: Visit…

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Episode 059: Stan Endicott & Caleb Loeppky

Todd sits down with Caleb Loeppky from FILO Staffing and Stan Endicott from Slingshot Group to talk about the challenges of being a technical artist on staff at a local church when trying to figure out whether you need to buckle down or decide that your season is done. Show Notes: FILO Staffing: Interested in learning…

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