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Episode 057: Jon Jorgenson

Todd sits down with YouTuber and Teaching Pastor from Soul City Church in Chicago, Jon Jorgenson. They talk about being creative for yourself, creating for others, along with what it means to be a “team player”. Show Notes: FILO Coaching Cohort: Sign Up on the Waitlist to be notified when the next Cohort launches! FILO…

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Episode 056: Dave Dolphin

Todd sits down with Practical Worship YouTuber and worship leader Dave Dolphin to talk about important details to consider when streaming your services, including how to handle copyright. Show Notes: Dave Dolphin’s YouTube Channel: Practical Worship Dave Dolphin’s Website: PracticalWorshipBlog.Com Copyright Resources: Christian Copyright Solutions, CCLI, EasySongLicensing.Com “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl: Purchase…

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Episode 055: Alec Takahashi

Alec Takahashi is a FILO Faculty Alumni and a touring LD that Todd got to sit down with and talk about collaboration, details and Disney’s obsession with both. Show Notes: Advent: Looking to catch up on the FILO Advent Series? Join Todd on a four-week journey to center your heart this season. Read or watch…

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Episode 054: Lee Fields

Todd sits down with Lee Fields from MxU and Bayside Church to talk about the importance of having a life outside of work. Whatever your occupation, it is key to have interests and hobbies that have nothing to do with your job. The rejuvenation that comes from having a hobby makes us better humans. Show…

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Episode 053: Dennis Choy

Good friend to FILO, Dennis Choy shares his story of burnout with Todd. They work through how we can sometimes let burnout creep up on us by doing really good things, but by saying yes to too much, we end up saying no to things that matter. Show Notes: Book Recommendation: Leading On Empty: Refilling…

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Episode 052: Nick Benoit

Nick and Todd have a conversation about the creative process, storytelling, creative risk, and being dependant on each other. A good conversation to listen together with your creative person. We are grateful for Ross’ support of this podcast episode. Ross has included a Worship Production episode in their webinar series: Ross Live Season 2. Jeremy…

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Episode 051: Nate Krause, Amplio

Todd sits down with Amplio co-founder, Nate Krause to talk about multi-site churches, understanding the why behind a decision and firetrucks. We are grateful for Amplio’s support of this podcast episode. Visit to start a conversation today!  

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Episode 050: Wes Hartley

Wes Hartley, former TD of Lakepointe Church in Dallas, sits down with Todd to talk about how we communicate with our teams to accomplish excellent services. We are grateful for Haivision’s support of this podcast episode. Enter for a chance to win an Apple TV,  learn more about streaming or chat with their team by…

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Episode 049: Van Metschke, CCI Solutions

Todd has a chat with good friend Van Metschke, former local church TD and current Church Relations Advocate with CCI Solutions. They talk about pretty much everything. We are grateful for CCI Solution’s support of this podcast episode. Interested in learning more or chatting with their team? Head to their website and fill out the…

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Episode 048: FILO Book Launch

Todd gets the tables turned on him and is interviewed by Jon Jorgenson about the newest FILO Resource, Todd’s book: “I Love Jesus But I Hate Christmas“.  We are grateful for Living As One’s support of this podcast episode. Interested in learning more or chatting with their team? Head to their website and fill out…

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