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So often as a technical artist, it can be easy to forget to look after yourself. FILO is here to provide spaces where you can feel seen, known, and valued. FILO Cohorts are a place where you can receive practical coaching and best practice sharing.

Participants are given access to an exclusive FILO Cohort Slack Channel where they can interact with their current Cohort group privately or with nearly two hundred other Cohort Alumni.

The Cohorts and Slack are great ways to get help with technical challenges and support each other in our calling of being church technical artists. Join a small community of church technical artists to inspire and encourage each other to the next level of effectiveness.

Looking for the best place to start? We've got you covered! Check out a FILO 101 Cohort.

Each Cohort has a limit of 10 people and runs for 6 weeks. Each week features a 90-minute Zoom hosted by a FILO Cohort Leader, facilitating discussions on building a strong production foundation at your church, learning how to enjoy the hard work with our teams, dealing with change, and most importantly, learning to lead ourselves.

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Ready to take the next step in your Cohort journey? Look no further! We have the perfect opportunity waiting for you.

FILO 201 Cohorts are for FILO Cohort Alumni who have already participated in a FILO 101 Cohort. Each Cohort has a limit of 7 people and runs for an extended 8 weeks. Each 2-hour Zoom session, hosted by a FILO Coach, includes a check-in, a specific area of leadership development, and next-step homework targeted to help you move into your next level of effectiveness.

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Too busy for a weekly meeting, but still want to take the next steps in your growth and development? We got you!

During this three-month cohort, we will meet once a month at various times.  You’ll journey with like-minded technical artists for growth and support as well as meet with an industry leader for an in-depth discussion around a topic. The best part? Sharing how you’re learning and growing with your group for added support and accountability.

You can register for all 3 sessions at a discounted rate, or choose which months you want to join.



“The connection with other tech people that face the same challenges was very helpful for me. I enjoyed learning from different approaches to the same problems and the creative ideas everyone contributed. Guided prayer time was also great.”

Kyle Judkins, First Baptist Church Arlington
Sara Venturi

“I loved that I finally didn’t feel alone. On a surface level as a technical artist and the situations we run into with our ministry partners and volunteers and the crazy situations we run into. Having a safe space to share frustrations and struggles was such a blessing and (this group) came to feel like it had the same comfort level as the small study group I’ve been in for years.” 

Sara Venturi, Orchard Hill Church

“I liked the community and diversity of churches and people represented. Everyone was able to come from a different perspective and experience.”

Ryan Fluharty, Worship Center
Jonathan Anderson Headshot

“I loved the sense of instant community with like-minded techs! Sometimes it can be very lonely working in tech ministry. Some of the specific challenges are hard to relate to others in different careers or even other church staff. To have people who have walked through, or are walking through, the same types of situations is so encouraging! The community, wisdom, and care shared by each person in the cohort was a true blessing!”

Jonathan Anderson, Christ Community Church of Ames
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Pastoring Your Volunteers

Ever struggle to balance volunteer recruitment, training, development, and caring for your volunteers? Join us for a conversation with Reid Wall from Hillsong Australia to hear how we can create environments that people want to be a part of and how we can care for and pastor our volunteer teams well.

Reid Wall
Brisbane Campus Production Manager,
Hillsong Church Australia

Reid Wall is part of the Creative Technology staff at Hillsong Church Australia - serving as a campus production manager. Reid is passionate about building strong & healthy production teams that are well-positioned to serve their local church. Originally from Key Largo, Florida, Reid has lived in Australia for 19 years and is married to an Aussie girl named Caitie - together they serve on staff and lead the Creative team at the Brisbane Campus of Hillsong Church.

June 11, 2024

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM CT

Leading Up & Building Healthy Relationships With Leadership

Oftentimes, it can be a challenge to feel like you’re on the same page as your pastor. Jeff Boriss and Shawn Williams from Willow Creek will join us to discuss how to build honest, trust-filled relationships with our senior leaders. We will talk about what myths we might be believing and how to share truth in honesty without damaging relationships or giving into fear.

Jeff Boriss
Arts & Worship Central Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church

Jeff is an experienced and multi-disciplined Art Director dedicated to using the best of God's art and people to illuminate God's story. Realizing that the best results come from healthy and collaborative teams, systems and processes that support creativity, and teams of people that are led well, Jeff has dedicated his life to the complexities and joys of effective leadership in and through the arts.

Shawn Williams
South Barrington Campus Pastor and Executive Pastor of Weekends
Willow Creek Community Church

Shawn Williams is the South Barrington Campus Pastor and Executive Pastor of Weekends at Willow Creek Community Church. He loves collaborating with creative and digital teams to design weekend experiences that introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him.  Outside of his professional life, Shawn, alongside his wife Lindsay, is raising two teenage sons in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is an avid fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.  In recent years, Shawn has developed a passion for endurance racing and is currently looking to run all six of the World Major Marathons. 

July 11, 2024

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CT

Self Care & Sabbath

“I love Jesus, but I hate Christmas” might never seem more true than when it comes to self care and sabbath for Production Artists. In this Cohort, we’ll have a conversation with Nicole Lucas from Christ Community Church and gain insights on how to advocate for our own needs and empower the teams around us to step into more, all while connecting with Jesus on a deeper level.

Nicole Lucas
Creative Arts Pastor
Christ Community Church

Nicole Lucas is a creative leader and producer with over 15 years of experience leading and managing creative professionals. In that time, she has worked with several emerging leaders to help them develop their leadership skills. Nicole serves on staff at Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL., as their Creative Arts Pastor. She is also the founder and CEO of The Creative Level, a leadership development company, and the creator and host of The Creative Level Leadership Podcast.

August 13, 2024

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM CT

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