One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Athletes have a coach. CEOs have a coach. You need a coach too.

What would your leadership as a technical artist look like if you could have a personalized coach to help you become the most effective version of yourself? FILO Coaching is based on decades of church production experience and provides the specific help you need through one-on-one leadership coaching. Take the next step in your personal development, your leadership development, and your team’s development to make the leap from just doing production to becoming a leader others want to follow.

Ways to Engage with One-on-One Leadership Coaching

  • Three Month Leadership Coaching Journey
  • Six Month Leadership Coaching Journey
  • Twelve Month Leadership Coaching Journey

As part of your coaching journey, you will have a monthly one-hour meeting with your coach. During the meeting, your coach will guide you in setting leadership goals and developing strategies to meet them. Additionally, you will be able to address any specific leadership issues that require immediate attention.

Are you ready to unleash your full leadership potential?


Eric Chancey

“FILO Coaching has been a valuable tool in my ministry transition. The first thing I did when I took this new position was to sign up for one-on-one coaching because I knew I would need someone to help me navigate this journey. It’s been great to have someone with Todd’s wisdom and experience to glean advice from and bounce ideas off of. Whether you are new to your role, looking for guidance, or a seasoned veteran needing someone to talk to, you will benefit from having a coach in your corner like Todd. “

Micah Drushal Headshot

“Having one-on-one coaching from an experienced tech like Todd has been incredibly valuable. Sometimes it’s the right affirmation at the right time. Sometimes it’s an extra set of eyes that can take that critical look from outside your organization. Sometimes it’s just talking through the details that leads you to the answer. Best of all, in nearly any situation, you know that Todd has been there and he can empathize and push you to the next level.”

Micah Drushal, Crossroads Church – Cincinnati
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