Service Evaluation

Need some extra eyes on your weekend experience? We've got you covered!

The team at FILO has years of experience producing weekend services. When you have been in one setting for an extended period of time you can often become blind to the areas that need a bit of extra attention, growth, and maybe even change. Give us a peek behind the curtain to observe your weekend experience from an outside perspective. We will evaluate each aspect of service planning, mid-week rehearsals, Sunday morning rehearsals, and the service itself. We will look at how volunteers are empowered and encouraged and where you might be able to release them into even more of their potential. From beginning to end, we can help bring clarity and efficiency to what it is you do week in and week out.

What does a service evaluation look like?

A member of the FILO team will attend rehearsals and services throughout a weekend for observation.
Key stakeholders gather together virtually or in person for continued discovery.
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