We See You. (when it feels like no one else does)

Church production is tough. Let’s enjoy it—together.

Yes, it is possible.

Up before the sun. Finishing up after the band has left. That’s part of what it means to be FILO. But you aren’t alone! The FILO Community is made up of people just like you.

Your people are calling.

We’re FILO: First In, Last Out. Just like you.

When you join the FILO Community, you’re stepping into a room full of friends and colleagues here to help you solve problems, grow your skills, and love your job again.

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Due to our specialized roles as technical artists, it can be difficult to find peers or mentors who can help us. No more. The FILO Community is full of people who have been doing this forever and have tried pretty much everything. Tap into FILO to get started with our best resources and community opportunities.

Find your people

“Cohort” is code for a superhero team. Like the Avengers, but for church tech.

A cohort is no more than 10 people, meeting for 6 weeks, under 1 awesome coach. Every week, you’ll meet with your cohort to grow together. Looking for more one on one coaching? We’ve got other coaching options, too.

FILO 2025

Everything changes when there are people in your corner.

We believe your best work is ahead of you, but you shouldn’t go it alone. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience for community, skill development and inspiration at the FILO 2025 Conference.

A safe place to work things out

FILO was created with a single purpose: to help local church technical artists become more effective so that their churches can become more effective. FILO is designed by technical artists for technical artists. We understand the challenges you face.

1 - Struggles Valid

Your struggles are valid.

Being first in and last out isn’t for everyone. FILO isn’t easy. But this is how God wired you. And you aren’t alone. Step into who God made you to be.

2 - Encourage Not Sell

We’re here to encourage you, not to sell you stuff

The gear we use matters, but our goal is for the local church to thrive.
That happens best when you are thriving.

3 - Surprise

Surprise: Your heart comes first, not your skills

Sure, you do a lot of amazing things. But how’s your soul?
Christ promised the abundant life to everyone, including you. 


These are words we all know too well. Christ calls us to a life that rises above this. But someone isn’t going to do the work for us. Take the reigns of your life and begin to refill your soul.

Love your job again.

How can the FILO team be praying for you?

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Are you looking for an Advent devotional to study by yourself or with your team?

FILO: Advent for the Church Technical Artist

Each devo is short and easy to read or watch so that it’s manageable with your long Christmas to-do list.

MAY 6-7, 2025