Even the best athletes have coaches to help them get better at their sport.

What would your leadership as a technical artist look like if you could have a personalized coach to help you become the most effective version of yourself? FILO Coaching is based on decades of church production experience, with the goal of helping you to make the leap from not just doing production, but becoming the leader your church needs.

Coaching Cohorts

So often as technical artists, it can be easy to forget to look after yourself. To help with that FILO offers Virtual Coaching Cohorts for personalized coaching and best practice sharing. Each Cohort has a limit of 10 people and runs for 6 weeks. Each week features a 90 minute program hosted by a FILO facilitator, leading discussions on building a strong production foundation at your church, learning how to enjoy the hard work with our teams, dealing with change and most importantly, learning to lead ourselves.

Participants are also given access to an exclusive FILO Cohort Slack Channel where they can interact with their new Cohort group privately or with over a hundred other Cohort Alumni.

The Cohorts and Slack are great ways to get help with technical challenges and support each other in our calling of being a church technical artist. Join a small community of church technical artists to inspire and encourage each other to the next level of effectiveness.

“I loved that I finally didn’t feel alone. To be able to embrace with others the value that we bring to the table while having a safe space to share frustrations and struggles was such a blessing. It quickly came to feel like it had the same comfort level as the small study group I’ve been in for years.”

One on One Coaching

Athletes have a coach. CEO’s have a coach. You need a coach too.

Get the specific help you need with one-on-one leadership coaching to take the next step in your personal development, your leadership development, and in your team’s development. Every situation is unique, yours included. Let FILO help you become your most effective self.

“Having one on one coaching from an experienced tech like Todd has been incredibly valuable. Sometimes it’s the right affirmation at the right time. Sometimes it’s an extra set of eyes that can take that critical look from outside your organization. Sometimes it’s just talking through the details that leads you to the answer. Best of all, in nearly any situation, you know that Todd has been there and he can empathize and push you to the next level.”

Service Evaluation

The team at FILO has years of experience producing weekend services. Give us a peek behind the curtain to observe your weekend experience from an outside perspective. We will evaluate each aspect of service planning, rehearsals and the service itself. From beginning to end, we can help bring clarity and efficiency to what it is you do week in and week out.

“As a multisite church, one of our biggest challenges was creating a central tech ministry that supported the specific needs of each campus while also being able to implement standard guidelines and best practices. With the help of FILO coaching and Todd’s expertise we were able to define best practices and implement them in a way that, not only created a level of technical excellence, but valued the staff and volunteers serving, helped campuses feel supported and, ultimately, inspired the staff and volunteers to get on board and excited with the change.”

Team Development

Without volunteers executing services, our churches wouldn’t function. And if our volunteers are only a means to an end, they won’t last long. FILO wants to help pour into the lives of your production team to help them become more effective as individuals and as a team. We take a step outside of the weekly tasks of pulling off a service and provide opportunities for your production volunteers to be inspired and become more cohesive as a team. The team at FILO will craft a custom experience for your team based on your needs and goals.
Virtual and in-person options are available! 

“Having the FILO team come to lead a coaching session for the production team at Radiant Bible Church was a no-brainer. Todd’s ability to lead a discussion and dig beyond the surface was invaluable to the team. The time spent both encouraged and stretched us as a team of technical artists.”

June VIDEO Cohort

HDR. IMAG. ENG. DSLR. In a world full of abbreviations and acronyms, FILO is fortunate that renowned broadcast industry vet Robb MacTavish will use his summer cohort to clearly spell out all of the do’s and don’ts of the video side of church production. Whether it’s growing a video team from the ground up, expanding systems to support multi-site vision, or even navigating the challenges of a system expansion, this class is a must for every church tech. Remember, YOLO! The only way to avoid suffering from FOMO is to sign up today!

Robb MacTavish
Production Director
Brave Church

Robb MacTavish has spent more than two decades in both Hollywood and church production roles, and was on the leading edge of bringing cinematic video styles to church IMAG and broadcast experiences. He has extensive proficiency in post-production and content creation, as well as in live video production with both cinema and broadcast technology. In his current role at Denver’s BRAVE Church, Robb leads production teams and manages weekend services for the church’s two locations and has a lead in crafting their expression through video content and production technology. He’s passionate about leading and developing volunteer teams and teaching others about achieving excellence through focusing on the details.

June 13, 2023

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM CDT

July AUDIO Cohort

For the last 15 years, Paul Ericson has been bringing his audio expertise to broadcast and venue consoles across the church world. In his FILO Cohort, Paul will share tips gleaned from years of experience, ranging from best practices when training and empowering church volunteers to creating a high-quality broadcast mix with limited resources. It’s a can’t-miss opportunity for audio engineers of all skill and experience levels, so don’t let this opportunity fade into the background and just become part of the white noise of summer!

Paul Ericson
Audio Director
Transformation Church

Paul Ericson is the Audio Director at Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK. He has over 15 years of experience in church production. He's passionate about working with a great team of staff and volunteers to help usher people into worship. He loves to travel and spend time outdoors with his wife Tay and their dog Pepper.

July 11, 2023

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM CDT

August LIGHTING Cohort

How do I work with my creative and video teams to develop the best lighting look both for the room and for broadcast? What’s the best way to train volunteers on the nuances of lighting? Why do I even need to program my service ahead of time instead of just running it on the fly? Join Worship Producer, Christina Pendleton for an illuminating session on the “why” behind the “what” when it comes to the world of church lighting. Through a dynamic session of Q&A, she’ll make sure you leave enlightened on how to best handle the challenges you might face in your environment!

Christina Pendleton
Worship Producer
The Grove Community Church

Christina Pendleton has been on staff at the Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA since 2007. She currently serves as the Worship Producer, passionately working behind the scenes to communicate the Gospel and create beautiful spaces for people to worship Christ. She also loves building community with women in production and giving them a safe space to share their experiences, learn, and be encouraged. When she’s not working, she enjoys exploring art museums, Disney dates, foodie adventures, and family beach days with her husband and two daughters.

August 8, 2023

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM CDT


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