Episode 034: Will DoggettTracks and Other Stuff

Will Doggett, certified Ableton Live Certified trainer and founder of “From Studio to Stage” takes a few minutes to talk with Todd about his story, using tracks in church and TDs and worship leaders living in harmony.

From Studio to Stage is an online community that helps you get from the studio to stage, and learn to perform like the pros with Ableton Live. When you subscribe you get access to over 25 courses, early access to weekly tutorials, and exclusive training content, a monthly call, just for subscribers, and a private Facebook Group. You don’t have to try and figure this out on your own. Save yourself time and money, and learn from an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, and the supportive community at From Studio to Stage. If you’re planning for Christmas and want to automate your lyrics in ProPresenter, sync video and lights to your tracks, there’s no better place to learn how than From Studio to Stage. And if you’re wanting to learn how to use tracks, and maintain spontaneity without spending hours, check out the training on using Ableton Live for tracks.

Will has created a special promo, just for FILO listeners. Head to From Stage to Studio and use the code FILO20 to save 20% on your monthly or annual subscription.

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