Sarah Trommer

Business Development | Event Operations

Sarah is in the Business of Developing strong partnerships with the best organizations that can help our FILO tribe get the right solutions to their church tech needs. When not making these magical connections, Sarah lives in spreadsheets, data analysis, and graph making. And as a byproduct of these “hobbies”, Sarah has jumped into the role of Event Operations to oversee the onsite event details including facility management, volunteer leadership, and special engagement logistics.

As a distraction from real life, she does her five “R”s – Reading (real books!), Rest (naps), Rocks (lapidary work), Running (only sometimes lol), and Relationships (her family). Oh and she is a Marvel fanatic, like seriously dude.

Sarah self describes as a “necessary contrarian” who asks people to re-look at things to find new solutions, and as a self-analyzing comedian who will definitely apologize if she crosses the line. And is already “sorry” in advance.

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