About the Podcast

FILO Podcast continues the conversations started at FILO Conference and carries them throughout the year. Todd Elliott hosts the podcast and interviews key influencers in the world of church production to talk about ideas that affect all of us involved in pulling off weekend services.

Episode 050: Wes Hartley
Episode 049: Van Metschke, CCI Solutions
Episode 048: FILO Book Launch
Episode 047: Tres Cozad, Yamaha
Episode 046: Liz Forkin Bohannon
Episode 045: Kaleb Wilcox
Episode 044: Daniel Scotti
Episode 043: Sabrina Joseph
Episode 042: Andrew Schuurmann
Episode 041: TC Furlong
Episode 040: Mike Sessler
Episode 039: Caleb Loeppky
Episode 038: Scott Ragsdale
Episode 037: Justin Firesheets
Episode 036: Robert Scovill
Episode 035: Muchiri Gateri
Episode 034: Will Doggett
Episode 033: Jeff VanderGiessen
Episode 032: Erin Meyer
Episode 031: Luke McElroy
Episode 030: Remembering Andrew Stone
Episode 029: Jeff Sandstrom
Episode 028: Blaine Hogan
Episode 027: Mike Foster
Episode 026: Brad Zimmerman
Episode 025: Ryan Howell
Episode 024: FILO Goes to Minsk
Episode 023: Reid Wall
Episode 022: Debbie Keough
Episode 021: John Cassetto
Episode 020: Jim Sippel
Episode 019: Chris Wheat
Episode 018: Kristin Twilla
Episode 017: Andrew Stone
Episode 016: Dave Hunter
Episode 015: Sara Emmerson
Episode 014: MxU
Episode 013: Jeff Boriss
Episode 012: Matt & Aubrey Wentz
Episode 011: Alex Fuller
Episode 010: Chris Brown & Dennis Choy Live from FILO 2018
Episode 009: Live from FILO2018
Episode 008: Nate Parker
Episode 007: Rusty Anderson
Episode 006: Kaleb Wilcox
Episode 005: Chris Thomas
Episode 004: Dennis Choy
Episode 003: Andrew Starke
Episode 002: Stef Cassetto
Episode 001: Delwin Eiland
Episode 000: Todd Elliott

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