FILO 2021 Chicago Breakout – Using Production Systems to Advance the Church’s Mission


Each church has its own unique vision and as a result, the technology needed to support that unique vision is key. This breakout will look at how we can align the needs of audio, lighting and video systems with your local church’s specific calling. Micah will explore the tension of designing, building and maintaining systems for multi-site churches with different venues all with specific needs and look at some specific examples of when a clear mission helped point to the right gear and other times when the wrong gear didn’t fit the calling. We will talk about high level ideas around matching technology to the needs of your church as well as answering more practical questions like: How do I find the right venue for a portable church? How do I get the vision for technology I need from my senior leaders? What happens when you drop a projector during an installation?

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MAY 7-8, 2024