Caleb Loeppky

Caleb Loeppky

Tech Director, Christ Community Church
FILO Core Team Member


Caleb Loeppky has been working in live event production for the local church for over 10 years. He is a technical artist who loves creativity and pushing the bar of excellence for teams around him. His heart is to create resources that help connect, inspire, and develop technical artists in the local church. One of his favorite things is to see other technical artists in the local church thrive in their positions and make the church better every day. 

He currently serves on the FILO Core team coordinating breakouts for the conferences across the United States and leads the FILO Staffing Division partnered with Slingshot Group. In addition to his work with FILO, he is the Production Director for a 7 campus multisite church in the Chicagoland area. 

Caleb and his wife Cassy live in the Chicago Suburbs with their three incredible kids, Nora, Jaxon, and Asher. When Caleb isn’t out doing live production, he loves spending time with his family and smoking some great BBQ at home.

Instagram: @caleb_loeppky
Facebook: @CalebLoeppky
Twitter: @Caleb_Loeppky

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