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When I started as a tech person at my church I loved getting a great mix. I loved solving the problems we experienced from technical problems during a service. I loved being in the back of the room and not on stage. From that moment to this, I can see how the pathway of my development got me to this point. And when I think about all the steps between the first one and my most recent one, each one along the way stretched me in some way. In one way or another I learned, adapted and became someone a little bit different. And overtime, I have a difficult time recognizing myself. 

This isn’t bad. In fact it is necessary. By pushing myself to try new things, or to be uncomfortable for a few minutes in order to explore a new way of doing something, or to try something completely different, I’ve been stretched into a new version of myself.

Frankly life would have been simpler to stay behind the console. But I would have been doing a disservice to my church and myself if I’d been content to stay there. My life has been a series of choices, to stay comfortable or to stretch from something a little more. While staying comfortable sounds nice, I don’t really like who I become when comfort is the only thing I’m after. 

When I think about the FILO Community and being able to watch God move over the past 10 years, I can’t even imagine how much I would have missed if I’d simply stayed comfortable. Who I am is made up of similar choices along the way. I would argue that my survival has been dependent on the choices to be uncomfortable and follow where I felt like God was calling me. Not just in big ways, but in small, everyday ways: take responsibility for a mistake, apologize for my tone to my co-worker, decide to be more disciplined in the way I use my time.

Each of us needs to grow and expand if we hope to survive to become the version of us God has in mind. Not only in our roles as technical artists, but as humans as well.

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Todd Elliott

Todd is a writer, speaker, technical artist in the local church and founder of FILO.

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