Episode 052: Nick Benoit

Developing Ideas in Community

Episode 052: Nick Benoit

Developing Ideas in Community

Nick and Todd have a conversation about the creative process, storytelling, creative risk, and being dependant on each other. A good conversation to listen together with your creative person.

We are grateful for Ross’ support of this podcast episode.

Ross has included a Worship Production episode in their webinar series: Ross Live Season 2. Jeremy Bagwell, the House of Worship Business Development Manager at Ross, will share ways to enhance your volunteer experiences without spending an extra dime, using Ross’ proprietary DashBoard, a free and open platform from Ross Video for facility control and monitoring. With DashBoard you can quickly build unique, tailored Custom Panels, making complex operations simple. During this Live Session, Jeremy will dive deeper into how and why DashBoard is such a powerful tool that empowers you to do more, with less. 

Watch live on their website, rossvideo.com/live, on November 17th at 11am EST to ask questions of Jeremy and their DashBoard team. Head to rossvideo.com/live to register for the free Worship Production webinar on Ross Live, Season 2.

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