Episode 053: Dennis ChoyEven Technical Artists Burnout

Good friend to FILO, Dennis Choy shares his story of burnout with Todd. They work through how we can sometimes let burnout creep up on us by doing really good things, but by saying yes to too much, we end up saying no to things that matter.

Show Notes:

Book Recommendation: Leading On Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion by Wayne Cordeiro

Contact Dennis directly: churchtechcoach@gmail.com

We are grateful for Panasonic’s support of this podcast episode.

The folks at Panasonic would love to have a conversation about your specific needs and help you develop the right solution for your church during these unprecedented times. Just click the Panasonic logo to see everything they have to offer. You can also contact the House of Worship Sr Business Development Mgr, Jim Jensen at 201-427-0606.


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