Episode 074: Becky Ykema

Just Because We Can Shoot Water From a Piano Doesn't Mean We Should

Episode 074: Becky Ykema

Just Because We Can Shoot Water From a Piano Doesn't Mean We Should

Todd has a conversation with Worship Leader and Coach, Becky Ykema. They talk about their time together working at Willow Creek and how technical artists and their counterparts can work more effectively together.

Show Notes:

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Becky Ykema’s Podcast: Becky is the creator and host of a new podcast: Confessions of a Former Megachurch Singer. Learn more and take a listen here: beckyykema.com/darling

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One Response

  1. Very good discussion. I would add that diving
    into some Myers Briggs can be a serious asset.
    Years ago I ended up working with my total opposite
    on a major project. Having the BM language and
    understanding allowed us to work it out and have
    a successful event. It’s like a deeper level of knowing the others language.

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