Episode 108: Paul Johnson

Pulling in the Same Direction

Episode 108: Paul Johnson

Pulling in the Same Direction

Paul Johnson from Bravingbird joins the podcast. He and Todd talk about collaboration, leading up and down, and ways to create a culture of care and trust on worship and production teams.

Show Notes:

Bravingbird – Our guest today, Paul Johnson, is the Executive Director of Bravingbird. They are a non profit dedicated to telling stories and giving those away for free. You can learn more about their organization and view their beautiful works of art at bravingbird.com.

FILO Cohorts – Join other church technical artists in smaller group settings on Zoom to grow in your skills this year. The entire Cohort schedule has been released for 2024! Check out the 101, 201 and Summer Skills Cohorts at filo.org/coaching.

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FILO: Advent – If you didn’t have a chance to engage in our Advent devotional during Christmas, it’s not too late. Let the FILO Community encourage you and remind you of the reason for your hard work this season. Create a shared plan and read together on YouVersion or check out our YouTube Playlist!

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