puffy paint and scrappiness

By: Chelsea Pribyl

One of the final items that I discovered on a big closet re-org project recently was this shirt. Just as the production swag items in your closet can probably relate, it’s a t-shirt I’ve had in my collection for a really long time. About 13 years. This one stuck out to me as I purged.

This shirt reminds me of my early years of ministry. For me, my early years of being a church technical director were in youth ministry. Where expectations were massive and budgets were rather tiny. Where most volunteers were unreliable. I’d receive the inevitable “no shows” on Sunday morning. Equipment wasn’t functioning well. Stresses were often unbearable.

But in my younger years of early ministry I was scrappy, adventurous, and up for a challenge.

This shirt was made by hand. By a 19-year-old female leader eager to unify the tiny team she did have. She made the shirt with puffy paint and a template cut out of overhead projector transparencies and an Exacto knife.

It meant a lot to that girl when someone would say, “You’ve got this! Keep going!”

So as I reflect on this little treasure today, I am eager to not lose sight of that scrappiness and adventure and challenge. May I never lose touch with where I began, how far I’ve come and the people who guided me along the way.

This is a guest post by Chelsea Pribyl, FILO Chief Operations Officer.


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