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Helping church technical artists become more effective so that their churches become more effective.

The FILO Community is made possible by a large group of volunteers, contractors and the FILO Core Team, many of whom serve in the technical arts ministry of their local church. With FILO continuing to grow, we need more teammates who can join us in equipping and encouraging local church technical artists around the world.

FILO reaches a worldwide audience of over 5,000 church technical artists. Whether volunteer or staff, FILO provides skill development, community and inspiration to help equip technical artists to become effective contributors to their local church. FILO is a combination of the FILO Conference, the FILO Book, personalized FILO CoachingFILO Blog, and FILO Podcast.

If you’re interested in joining with the FILO team, check out the opportunities below and fill out the form to investigate a particular role deeper.



Status: Event Week, May 1-3, 2023
Location: On-Site at Event, Chicagoland

Hospitality Team

[Recruitment Complete]

Hospitality Team - [Recruitment Complete]

Join the team that everybody loves – bringing the food, snacks, and drinks! This group is specifically in charge of making sure all volunteers are fed and taken care of (that means you too!) as well as coordinating meals for special event engagements.

You’ll love this if you…

  • Love People More Than Gear
  • Love Being Everyone’s Favorite Volunteer
  • Like Making the Magic Happen

Operations Team

[Recruitment Complete]

Operations Team - [Recruitment Complete]

Join the team that really is the First In and Last Out! We need a team of people willing to help set up, tear down and move items such as tables, boxes and road cases.

You’ll love this if you….

  • Are not afraid to lift heavy objects
  • Know the value of your sweat
  • Love teamwork to build things

Breakout Tech Support

[Recruitment Complete]

Breakout Tech Support - [Recruitment Complete]

A key component of the FILO Conference is breakouts! Be a part of the team that makes it all technically happen! 

You’ll love this if you… 

  • Have a passionate attention to detail
  • Listen to presentations better from the booth
  • Have an affinity for multiple disciplines (audio, video, lighting)


Status: Event Days, May 2-3, 2023
Location: On-Site at Event, Chicagoland

Greeters & Guides

Greeters & Guides

Our FILO Community needs your face to say “hi!”, help them when they get in and help them get around the building. We need your kind of energy and kindness to set the tone for the whole event. Help our guests navigate and feel the love! 

You’ll love this if you…

  • Love people
  • Like mornings
  • Can understand maps

Registration Team

[Recruitment Complete]

Registration Team - [Recruitment Complete]

Join the team that scans attendees’ tickets and provides them with name badges and conference swag. The Registration Team keeps us organized and is the first step of the attendee’s conference experience! Help us make it a good one!

You’ll love this if you…

  • Love connecting with people
  • Are a problem solver
  • Thrive at following a process and staying organized

Merch Team

Merch Team

The FILO Community is single-handedly keeping the t-shirt industry alive. Be a part of the team that gets new merch in their hands! Set up, organize, sell and handle payments for the FILO Conference Merch Store. 

You’ll love this if you… 

  • Have a knack for folding t-shirts
  • Are good with numbers
  • Love the challenge of selling stellar merch to awesome people


If you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, please fill out this form and we will reply within 5-7 business days.

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