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Helping church technical artists become more effective so that their churches become more effective.

The FILO Community is made possible by a large group of volunteers, contractors and the FILO Core Team, many of whom serve in the technical arts ministry of their local church. With FILO continuing to grow, we need more teammates who can join us in equipping and encouraging local church technical artists around the world.

FILO reaches a worldwide audience of over 5,000 church technical artists. Whether volunteer or staff, FILO provides skill development, community and inspiration to help equip technical artists to become effective contributors to their local church. FILO is a combination of the FILO Conference, the FILO Book, personalized FILO CoachingFILO Blog, and FILO Podcast.

If you’re interested in joining with the FILO team, check out the opportunities below and fill out the form to investigate a particular role deeper.

Staff Opportunities

Location: Crystal Lake, IL or Remote

Faculty Admin

Faculty Admin

Status: Part-Time, Avg 10 Hours
Location: Crystal Lake, IL or Remote

You’ll love this if you are…
ㅤㅤ- A Spreadsheet Guru
ㅤㅤ- Highly Administrative
ㅤㅤ- Tenacious
ㅤㅤ- From the Band, Tenacious D (optional)
ㅤㅤ- Fueled by Helping Others
ㅤㅤ- Undeterred by Challenge
ㅤㅤ- A Hater of Bad Customer Service

Volunteer Opportunities

Status: Year-Round
Location: Crystal Lake, IL or Remote

Community Developer

Community Developer

Join the team to specifically elevate the value of community at the FILO Conference and throughout the year. Brainstorm & help plan virtual or in-person gatherings of tech artists around the world.

- You’ll love this if you…
ㅤㅤ- Love People More Than Gear
ㅤㅤ- Like Throwing Parties
ㅤㅤ- Like Awkward Tech People (Yourself Included)
ㅤㅤ- Are Energized by Seeing Life Change Happen in Community

Content Curator

Content Curator

Since 2015 FILO has accumulated lots of amazing content and we need your help to mine for the gold! We use these video snippets and text quotables for social media and other marketing efforts.

- Coordinate with the Marketing Manager and:
ㅤㅤ- Listen to Breakouts and Main Sessions
ㅤㅤ- Capture Time Code of Quotables for Editing
ㅤㅤ- Transcribe Quotables

- You’ll love this if you…
ㅤㅤ- You are an Auditory Learner
ㅤㅤ- You Want a Free Ticket to the Last 8 Years of Conferences


If you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, please fill out this form and we will reply within 5-7 business days.

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