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It is my honor and privilege to serve on the FILO Core Team as the Technical Producer for the FILO Conference. From the very beginning, before FILO even had its name, this role has brought with it a deep sense of belonging for my career and to my walk with God. Dreaming of what this conference could provide for others and how to execute that vision continues to stretch and strengthen our team.

The FILO Conference has been shaped and adapted over the years and has brought many lessons, amazing memories, and mountain-top spiritual experiences to our community. The FILO community has grown from a few hundred, gathering at a local church, to include both a virtual and international community of thousands. As the reach has expanded, our focus remains the same. The conference exists to provide a one-of-a-kind experience of community, skill development and inspiration for technical artists in the local church.

The production team for the main sessions at the conference is driven to deliver this vision. We are a team of fellow technicians, coming together to provide a conference FOR our fellow technicians. There is a responsibility to give back, provide an actual space specifically for our colleagues, to be a blessing to them and to offer a place of respite from the grind. Ministry work is non-stop. Sunday comes every week. This team is here to provide an experience that will help refuel, re engage, reconnect, and equip our friends in Christ. We offer a sacrifice to God – to further his kingdom here, among our peers. We acknowledge that this sacrifice requires a surrender of comfort for our team. The call times are early, the hours are long, we are truly first in and last out – FOR other leaders. When a leader gets better, our churches get better.

This team becomes the backbone of the main sessions. Chelsea, our executive producer and I often find ourselves saying “the team is everything”. What we mean is that our team members are incredibly important and vital to the overall success of the conference. More than the skills that they provide, more than the tasks that they complete, more than the amount of time that they dedicate towards serving. Who they are as individuals, as brothers and sisters in Christ, and as friends – is what makes the team stronger and better equipped for the next challenge. Our combined efforts are stronger than what we bring as individuals. To stand shoulder to shoulder and work together towards our common vision is what creates the atmosphere for the main sessions.

There are a handful of values that have helped to define our team, ways of working towards being healthier and sustaining success. Our team is committed to these few concepts and moving towards these truths with our actions and our words. In no particular order…

The first value can be said in many different ways, I like the meaning when said this way: Quality is never an accident. Perfection isn’t the goal. Preparation is. We will deliver high quality in all aspects of our work. We will strive for excellence and prepare like it’s going out of style. This value can be seen in our production meetings, in our huddles before starting each day of the conference, in our rehearsals and run-throughs, and in the conversations between tasks – all striving to become better prepared. Questions help the team learn and communication is open and honest. We will rely on each other to steward the gifts that God has given us.

The next value is fun. We value laughter and joy. If we aren’t having fun, we will lose sight of the “why”. Humor brings a sense of ease and comfort to our time together. If we can keep a sharp focus, with high energy and light spirits, our tasks will remain fresh and our execution will become more natural. Our value for having fun is tied closely to caring for each other. We know that times will get tough and we when they do – we will keep calm spirits and give grace to one another. Without it, our conversations can become clipped and pointed instead of clear-minded and understanding. We will strive to listen, and to be heard. During these pressing times, I would also hope to enact the heart behind this bit of knowledge from Todd Elliott’s book, “wait five minutes, then freak out”. To put this another way – we can choose whether or not we freak out at all. This choice takes practice and I am a student in training. I can coach myself ahead of the struggles. I can come to the conference with a servant’s posture and a humble heart. We can all choose to have faith over fear. If we take a breath, before reacting, we can reflect on the truth that when God calls us to advance, we lead with a deep belief of who Christ is in us and what He will accomplish through us. He has gone before us and continues to be our guide.

When gaps are created we fill them with grace and trust instead of suspicion. Crucial conversations and consistent feedback are how we show up for one another with love. Showing up means treating each other with respect and professionalism. This value can be seen in the ways that we honor each other by arriving on time, coming prepared, and ensuring that our “yes” means “yes”. These actions strengthen the trust on the team and allow us to do incredibly more than we could ever do alone.

God is calling us to more. More surrender, more sacrifice, more leading, and more love for our brothers and sisters. Our goal is to continue to remain steadfast in our work and steward our time, resources, energy and talent all for the glory of God.


Join us for FILO 2023 to see the team in action! Early Bird pricing is available through March 27th. 

Nate Parker

Nate Parker

Nate serves on the FILO Core Team as the Technical Producer for the FILO Conference. He is passionate about creating dynamic technical teams, utilizing innovative gear, and developing effective work processes. Nate works as the Production Director for Mission Church. Formerly a Project Manager with Amplio Systems, Video Systems Engineer with Willow Creek Community Church as well as Technical Director with Willow Creek Huntley. He and his wife Suzanne have two amazing sons. As a family they enjoy fun vacations and rooting for the Chicago Cubs.

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