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One of the things that I believe about me and other technical artists is that we are misunderstood. For years I have argued that it is really we who misunderstand ourselves and that we need to get a better grasp on how God has made us and how we fit into the body of Christ in our particular location.  I have even been doing some writing about the misunderstood life of the technical artist.  This is foundational to how I think about me as a leader of fellow technical artists.

However, I have really been wrestling with this reality lately.  I find myself sitting at a table with other people who are so obviously different from me; with different opinions, different perspectives, and different passions.  Usually, we are talking about our services; the ones that just happened and the ones that are coming up in the future.  At one of these meetings, I found myself trying really hard to come up with an opinion or a perspective or to seem passionate about something other than what I normally would.

When I have opened my mouth in the past with my own production-minded outlook, I generally would get glassy-eyed stares from the people around the table.  After a couple of times of this happening, it is really easy to stop talking or to try and say something that might be received better.  What I really needed to be doing is digging in and reminding myself who I am and why I am there.

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I Am the Big Toe

I am supposed to have a different opinion.  I am supposed to be passionate about something completely different from anybody else.  I am supposed to have a completely different perspective that is unique to who I am as a technical artist.  God has me on this team, at this time to bring those things to the table that I sit around…to bring who I am to the table.  I need to get over it.  My team needs me to bring myself to this table.  My church needs me to be who God made me to be.  This has been a good lesson for me in living out 1 Cor. 12.  Now it’s time to live out 1 Cor. 13.

Bring on the glassy-eyed stares!

  • I always loved the perspective you brought…even if it was the big toe! But, as you point out, we need all parts of the Body of Christ. And the servant leadership and presence of Christ that always accompany your unique contribution is the real deal!! I’m cheering you on. I’d be honored to serve with you any day, no matter how glassy-eyed my response may have occasionally been!

  • you’ve encouraged me tremendously. Im a church TD, that was hired to also be an agent of change to a traditional church. Felt like i hit a brick wall today because it seemed like i was the only one who felt, thought, acted, they way i do. But, i will keep being me and keep pressing forward. Thanks man!

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